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Infrastructure and Solutions for Your Financial Management

Operating through companies in carefully selected jurisdictions, thereby providing an offshore/onshore mix in insurance and financial services, a mix of traditional and innovative operating elements.


We seek to provide realistic, practical and efficient capability to meet client requirements, always working closely with clients and with other qualified professionals and institutions to ensure maximum effectiveness in implementation and continuing delivery operating within the demands of compliance and regulation.


Legal and proper setup for your financial operations.


Services to meet your needs and challenges.

Insurance, Segregated Fund & Financial Services

Insurance is one of the best ways to protect your business and wealth, and together with trust arrangement, can be used for estate planning (which involves determining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death) and other asset management activities.


One of our group companies is an insurance company duly licensed in Saint Lucia. In conjunction with an reinsurance company in Samoa we can create an efficient self-insurance structure. This would provide great flexibility and efficiency with bespoke insurance that balances cost and risk management. The level of flexibility is such that aside from the insurance the structure can be a tool for, among others:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Asset Management
  • Investment
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Mitigation.


The variety of insurance coverage is virtually unlimited. The level of premium, the terms and benefits can be tailor-fitted to every requirement. Yet the policy issued is always actually sound due to a unique reinsurance partnership. The bulk of the risk is reinsured but the risk retained is always fully founded. The types of insurance we can provide are:

  • Life, Whole of Life, Term Life, Disability
  • Key Man
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Annuity, Pension, Endowment
  • Products
  • Expert Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel Insurance


The policies are structured as captive insurance, or self-insurance. The Policyholder and the fund holder can be the client, a client nominee, and/or client controlled entity.


From the premium payments, a portion equivalent to its entire retained risk is retained. This arrangement is guaranteed to meet any actuarial evaluation of the policy. The remainder of the premium is paid as reinsurance premium. If required, we have associates in Samoa, Saint Lucia and Hong Kong that can provide services to organize the structure for the client.


Our segregated fund company is duly registered and licensed as a captive insurance company in Samoa. Each of the reinsurance risk it underwrites is supported by assets contributed by a Fundholder (a “name” in insurance vernacular) tied to a district Segregated fund (“Seg Fund”). This arrangement compartmentalizes the risk, as well as the benefits, of each reinsurance cover to the Seg Fund taking on the particular reinsurance. Any Seg Fund may incur loss or earn profit from the reinsurance or its investments. But our seg fund company itself remains independent, stable and secure.

A Segregated Fund must necessarily support a reinsurance risk, but the accruing funds held can be invested in a portfolio which may contain bonds, securities, cash and/or other assets. The reinsurance ordinarily relies on the assets in the Seg Fund, However, under the Segregated Fund Agreement we can call on the Fundholder to provide additional funds to cover its risk if the Seg Fund assets are not sufficient to pay for a reinsurance claim. As an added safety feature, the reinsurance arrangement has cut-through provision that allows the claim to be addressed directly at the Fundholder level.


Funds remaining at the Seg Fund after the termination of the Policy by payment, surrender or expiry of term would be returned to the Fundholder upon dissolution of the Seg Fund..


Via another of the Hong Kong companies in the Group, we provide accounting and other financial administrative services, such as international pay-roll administration, which require confidentiality and trustworthiness; it was set up to provide a complementary service to international accounting practices which find that they have a regulatory conflict if they are providing such services to companies the accounts of which they audit.

Accounting Services we offer:

  • Handling of commercial papers
  • Arrangement of Audit
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Preparation of management and annual financial statements
  • Maintenance of accounting records and financial reports
  • Debt analysis and recovery services
  • Account receivable collection and debt analysis