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Bank Introduction & Account Management

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Banking is Essential for International Business

We have been assisting clients to set up and manage local, offshore and international bank accounts for three decades.  We have developed great relationships with major banks and established reliable connections with suitable offshore and international banks for our clients to open bank accounts with.

The Local & Offshore Bank Accounts You Shall Need

We are well positioned to assist our clients with advice based on the insights we have from our experiences in a wide range of offshore banks and international banking activities.

We can assist our clients to set up bank accounts with major banks in Hong Kong and in a few other international financial centers, as well as offshore banks.

Please note, whilst we provide assistance to Clients, the banks have the final decision on granting a bank account after completing their diligence on the company, its proposed business activity and directors/UBO.

Banks in Hong Kong and other Financial Centers

We have good relationships with banks to set up bank accounts quickly


We can arrange major offshore banks for clients to safely keep their assets

Advantages of International and Offshore Bank Accounts

A majority of the companies and trusts we assist have established accounts with international and offshore banks instead of local banks for features including:

  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Safe keeping of liquid assets
  • Almost absence of foreign exchange controls
  • Insulation from political risks
  • Accessibility to international banking and financial systems
  • Capability and accessibility to offshore and international business
  • Platform for global investment and business opportunities
  • Tax-efficiency and cost saving

Bespoke Banking Services

For our clients’ special requirements and needs for banking, we also work with our partnering banks to provide tailored made banking services and financial solutions for offshore companies and trusts registered in Samoa.

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